is a drummer, bass player & percussionist from Vechta, in Oldenburg Münsterland.

Born in Lohne in 1986 Chris discovered his love for music early on because his father was a drummer. Like him, Chris was particularly fond of the “groove”. So even at four years old, Chris dedicated himself to the drums and various percussion instruments, and also learned how to play the double bass from the age of 13 – entirely self-taught. He formed his first band in 1999 and spent every spare minute in the practice room from that point on. That’s how the young man laid the groundwork for numerous music projects and a subsequent career as a professional drummer and bass player, which he began in 2008 with his first assignment for a band that was in the Top 40 at the time. Since then, this thoroughbred musician has been on stage with different German and international bands and artists – and impresses with three things above all: musical interplay, rhythmic precision and a dynamic, powerful sound.

Until now Chris has worked and/or played with:

Gabriel Zanetti | Tina Sona | DJ Upset | Carlprit | Metaphysics | The Creapers | Free Steps Orchestra | DSDS Lindsay Traore | Tim Bendzko | Söhne gesucht 2009 | Xavier Naidoo & Söhne Mannheims | Henning Wehland | Tino Oac | Niedersachsen Sound Orchester | Peter Groesdonk | Gonzalo Aliaga Hinojosa | Think Big! Band | Funky Horns | Piccadilly | Casablanca | Live Sensation | Promise | X-On | and many more

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    THE CREAPERS | 15 YEARS Live Album

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    GABRIEL ZANETTI Album Release 2018


06/10/2018 SMILE [Top40] Kramermarkt Oldenburg
12/10/2018 THINK BIG! BAND Pferdezentrum Vechta
12/10/2018 SMILE [Top40] Ponymarkt Hunteburg
13/10/2018 SMILE [Top40] Ponymarkt Hunteburg
19/10/2018 SMILE [Top40] Zeltveranstaltung Bocholt
20/10/2018 THE CREAPERS Alando Palais Osnabrück
21/10/2018 THINK BIG! BAND Privatveranstaltung Nordleda
24/10/2018 GABRIEL ZANETTI + BAND Blue Note Osnabrück
25/10/2018 GABRIEL ZANETTI + BAND Jazz Club Bielefeld
26/10/2018 SMILE [Top40] Zeltveranstaltung Schloss – Holte
17/11/2018 THINK BIG! BAND Nordseehalle Emden
23/11/2018 THINK BIG! BAND Privatveranstaltung Rhede
02/12/2018 SMILE [Top40] Hallenparty Lengerich
25/12/2018 SMILE [Top40] Christmasparty Eggermühlen
26/12/2018 SMILE [Top40] Zeltveranstaltung Waldniehl
31/12/2018 SMILE [Top40] Silvester Gala Kalkar
12/01/2019 THINK BIG! BAND Strandlust Bremen-Vegesack
02/02/2019 THINK BIG! BAND Stadhalle Wilhelmshaven
23/05/2019 GABRIEL ZANETTI + BAND Campus in Concert Lingen





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